Tuesday, August 01, 2006

so this is the justification

This extract, from an israeli newspaper today.

"So don't cry to me about civilian casualties. Cry to those using babies and wives and mothers; cry to those who store weapons in mosques, ambulances, hospitals and private homes. Cry to those launching deadly rockets from the backyards of kindergartens and schools. Cry to the heartless men who love death, and however many of their troops or civilians die, consider themselves victorious as long as they can keep on firing rockets at our women and children.

Save your sympathy for the mothers and sisters and girlfriends of our young soldiers who would rather be sitting in study halls learning Torah, but have no choice but to risk their precious lives full of hope, goodness and endless potential, to wipe out the cancerous terrorist cells that threaten their people and all mankind. Make your choice, and save your tears.

That terrorists have been unsuccessful in killing more of our women and children is due to our army, God and prayers, not to any lack of motivation or intention on their part. If you hide behind your baby to shoot at my baby, you are responsible for getting children killed. You and you alone."

So this is the justification for bombing ambulances, this is the propaganda fed to the israeli public to wash their hands of the atrocities their army are committing. their tv stations don't show the damage, the only references in the newspapers to Qana are 'well it cant have been us, we bombed it hours before the time the houses were meant to have collapsed so they should have had the good sense to get out'.

Also, the Israeli are claiming that they are innocent of civilian bloodshed because they dropped a bunch of leaflets warning them that soon they were coming to bomb them. So then it becomes their responsibility to abandon everything they have and get out of there.

What they don't mention is how they bombed a school in Tyre that was being used as a refuge for civilians who had already evacuated their bombed out homes. So what, more leaflets, more running? for how long? and where to? keep running in your own country so that an attacking army can say that it's ok to bomb so long as they drop some bits of paper out of the plane at the same time.
warning my ass.
I can't believe that this stuff is actually being swallowed by a supposedly free-thinking country, it smacks so strongly of the mindlessly brainwashing propaganda that was used throughout Nazi Germany - something along the lines of 'Jews are evil and eat their own babies, they are monsters and we, the clean living precious Aryans are laying aside our lederhosen, stopping our happy frolicking and yodelling in the mountains to rid the world of this evil scourge.
deja vu. and look where that ended up.
the bit that gets me the most is this:
"to wipe out the cancerous terrorist cells that threaten their people and all mankind"

Who exactly is threatening their people? Do the Israelis actually think they are doing the Lebanese a favour? And we, the rest of the world, should thank them for cleansing the planet of those bad, nasty children at Qana. terrorist cells, obviously.

every day i read the news and it leaves me galled.