Friday, July 28, 2006

junk food cravings

Generally I'd say I am a pretty health-food orientated kinda gal; the photos are a dead giveaway. You know, i got the gender-typical chocolate love down, ice cream and pizza and my girl make for a pretty satisfying saturday night and I'm never one to snub a bacon and egg sarnie over a hangover but more generally, my fridge is jammed with greener goodies: cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, white nectarines and fresh peas.
But then, this evening, i was hit by a craving more intense than any i have previously experienced. I realised that I have a junk-food-kryptonite like no other. Not one, but two junk foods in a killer punch-kick combination.
Niknaks (nice and spicy flavour, goes without saying) immersed in a foil carton of chinese crispy beef. yep. you mix it in, and so long as you're eating with a spoon or chopsticks, it's an exciting taste explosion of unidentifiable chewy or crunchy delight.

love it.
it's the new food revelation.

Friday, July 14, 2006

vintage cuban

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