Tuesday, March 28, 2006

gorgeous women on the internet

Ok, so it's been months. but you know, better late than dead and all.
hey - my girl got herself a place!
so if anyone's still out there, get yourselves over and say heylo!

righty. ho.

the lowdown since whenever. i bought a new camera. fuck only knows where it is, it was internet order. sodding internet shopping is causing my plastic meltdown - it's way too easy to kick back here, L Word on tv and chocolate on the side of the sofa and hit retail therapy hard. i spent £600 in one night without leaving my living room. dude. that's messed up. but necessary i feel, given that my manager is a moronic vulture who likes nothing better than to push my head back under everytime i start to think i'm learning to swim. schyaaa, that was all metaphorical, in case anyone thinks i'm working in some weird aquastore or something. did i mention i hate my job right now? and all the corporate oppression that means i cant paint my nails or dye my hair or wear pink eyeshadow or have mendhi or wear red socks or my watch or my necklace or my fucking mind. but anyway...
my cousin had two birthday parties for her different groups of friends. she's 6. and i managed to muster 5 people for mine, two of whom i had never met before. do you know how many different ways this sucks?
still, on Friday i will be making my debut on the london club scene dressed as Christina Aguilera, next month is the Dirty Red Ball where I plan to sleaze it up in style and i finally (this is continued from the previous post) got to a point where i feel i can make legitimate new year's resolutions. and well, hey, someone said that they make new year's res on the eve of their birthdays and that makes sense to me. so this is what i resolved on the train today: to start writing again.
wahoo. spent too long avoiding/excusing this, and well, my gf is no longer an option. rather than hike my ass to the gym every time she sits down to write, well, i figure i could use the structure. and who knows, it may work, it may be bollocks, but this is what i felt like today.
ok, i'm kinda both done and not even started so i'm gonna go to bed so that i can function tomorrow. not that i want to function. roll on weekend. roll on retirement. fuck.