Wednesday, June 15, 2005

oh, the laffs

Just thought i'd like to express my utter utter hilarity at this lil gem that found itself into my mailbox today.
Now, I know we all think our ex-boyfriends and girlfriends are complete nobheads, but this really takes it.
The guy who went out of his way to fuck up a relationship I was in is now auctioning himself for £100 a date. An ULTIMATE date. Jeez, I'm feeling a bit honoured that I was on the receiving end of his sleaze-treatment for free! And to think that I thought paying £500 to have him kneecapped was a little out of my budget.

heartbreak voyeurs


Ever wanted somewhere to scream your secret? Wanted to tell but felt stupid or ashamed? Those people at postsecret know everything, every skeleton in every closet. And they're sharing them with the world.
It's a beautiful idea.

The one that really gets me was posted March 5 2005. It's by someone who wasn't killed on September 11. But EVERYONE who knew them before then thinks they are dead.

So what's your secret?

I've been thinking about this and realised that there is virtually nothing that nobody knows about me. and that feels pretty good actually.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

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Monday, June 06, 2005

why me?

Today, in my trawl through yet more graduate job seeker magazines, I came across an article about how guerilla internet search tactics on employees are causing trouble - some chick lost her job because she slated her company on Friends Reunited and some guy had a blog parody of life as a Waterstones employee and he got fired too.
That must suck.
So, Mr Guerilla Employer, if you have managed to trace me here and have the balls to actually use the guff that I churn out on a not-so-regular basis as an indication of what I would actually be like as one of your worker drones, here is some food for thought:

I have a 2.1 Honours Arts degree from one of the best universities in the world.

My name is not actually Red Betty Black and I would not require that on my nametag.

I have raced in a number of international and high profile varsity events including the Commonwealth Games. Incidentally, not only am I a varsity cox, demonstrating my admirable leadership and team skills, I was called upon to be Women's Captain of Boats for my college when the current captain had a crisis and had to leave. Through a great personal investment of time and energy, we maintained the Headship, creating a new record. And the squad of novices that I happened to be coaching at the same time did ok too, thanks for asking.

I am prepared to work hard, I learn fast and want to progress and do well. It's a two way process. You give me the opportunities and the support and I will be there, champing at the bit to get further up.

As demonstrated by my outstanding academic record, achievements in coxing, experiences in sales and my (ok, admittedly recently neglected) blog, I have excellent verbal and written communication skills. I am motivated, enthusiastic and determined to succeed.
I want that job. You know who you are, you whose application i went to fill out the other day and found that you already know a disconcertingly big brotherish amount about me (a trivial point this, but I am pretty sure you are treading a tight Data Protection Act line there).

So, if you happen to be reading this while considering me for interview, I hope that RBB keeps you entertained. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Mwah mwah.