Thursday, April 28, 2005

people are so great

This fantastic woman called Pixl A Shun just gave me a Pro Account on Flickr. I don't know her, didnt do anything special for her (ok, that sounds filthy) but she just upgraded me because she liked my pictures. Made my day! yeah baby.. so now i have loooooads of space to put my snaps.
maybe i could be a photographer? maybe i could be papal photographer to Nadly.

thanks for the suggestions, kids. i liked the penetration one. i think my girlfriend might have issues with me renting my holes out for people to put their willies in though. hell, i might have issues with that. even if they do pay you for your hospitality. y'know, it doesnt really work like hotels though do you. i mean in hotels, you want comfort, hygiene, warmth and all that. but when, straight ladies, has a guy ever said that next time he'd like a bit more space? or a better view? or a minibar?! ah, the world of the het man is a strange one to me.
sex toy tester. i had indeed forgotten that. you can also blame said girlfriend. but i like your thinking; i was considering opening a business and i think that i maybe the only person to have the balls to open a really supertrendy sex toyshop around here. hmm.. i'm not sure this city would support it. i really do think that Sydney is just begging for one. i mean, guys, the Tool Shed? so sleazy. I want a by girls-for girls toy shop. not much in the way of outfits, but associated with Gurlesque, Gallery 44, Slit Magazine and other stuff. .. drifting into fantasy.
for the third time, however, this plan not so likely because of my girl. she never been to Sydney, and while I know she'd love it, it's a long long way from home for most people to consider. we'll see.

ok, pubic topiarist. is that not just known as a waxer?? and not something i wanna be doing. i have problems with the odd ingrown hair and have now quit waxing in favour of the razor. maybe i should ask Fits..

sooooo. job interviews coming up! one with De Havilland as news correspondent, one with the Chamber of Shipping as publicity and media guru and one with someone i dont know as media analyst. and maybe one with Pink Fish food PR company. i think that is an omen. Pink - I am gay, have been mistaken for pink before (my hair was bleached), had pink hair, my car is pink, my college was pink. And Fish - I am a Pisces. It's gotta be a sign. no really.

aah, shut up, yeah?

Thursday, April 21, 2005


ok, so there has again been blog neglect of late. some of you might be so naive as to think this is because i have better things to do. au contraire - it's because i have SO very little else to do that i spent enough time at my computer to make me blind. again, there are much better ways to make myself go blind, i reckon.
and yes, you may also be thinking that it's because betty is loved up and heartsick because the girl in question is miles away.

ok, so that part's totally true.

but anyway.

i need a job. let's play What Red Betty Would Be Awesome At AND Able to Get.

any ideas, anyone?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

hope for us all

I just heard about Brenna Simonds. She's one of the ones who got saved apparently, and is now part of a Boston ministry for people struggling with same sex attraction.

She has had some pretty intense girl girl relationships and then bang - the godsquad hit her. she read bits of the Bible that apparently made it very clear that she couldnt be with a woman sexually and be a Christian because it's wrong, so she decided that it was a man or nothing.

Now, I am not Christian. soooo, i am unsure how to respond to this. Part of me has serious respect for this chick, who gave up the lust for girls because of a stronger faith. Part of me thinks she's a crackpot and there is a huge part of me that wants to batter her senseless for being so naive as to think that it was all because of some kind of sexual abuse that made her scared of men and having faced her fear God showed her the light and it was all ok. But still. Wow.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

happy anniversaire

April 12. crazy. that makes it almost exactly one year since I (reluctantly, gotta add) landed in Perth, departing South East Asia. And I really didn't wanna come. I thought it would suck, especially seeing as it meant that I wouldnt be working for Aki Ra in Siem Reap. And leaving some of the most beautiful places I had ever been to start working and stuff in an English speaking country. Ha. SO naive. I turned up in Perth, went to Fremantle to stay with some chick I met in Thailand and had me the best Croatian Easter ever. And then I made that fateful journey to Sydney and now I am heartbroken and homesick because I am 12000 miles away from the only place that has ever felt like I fitted. I miss you all with an ache that can only draw me back one day. *holds a breath*

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


righty. May 5 then. and choice is realistically between slimey tory spitting image puppet we currently have as prime minister and another equally disingenuous tory who is trying to maintain the Tory party's position as further right than Labour.
Little known fact: the word 'Tory' is a derivative of Gaelic t├│raidhe. Meaning robber, thief, cocktard. Ok, so i made that last one up. it stands.
And the only other candidate in with spitting chance is a jovial scotsman who has had one too many to actually make realistic policies. I like Charlie Kennedy, I really do. He is optimistic and idealistic and has almost thought out some fantastically appealing politics. But, 3rd party downfall, it's easy to throw stones when you don't actually have to deal with the fact you could have to really carry out your promises.
Back to the other two then. Like lil Johnny Howard, we know Blair is a scut who has lied and will do it again. But if the other option is Mickey Howard? y'know, i'm totally geared up for this. i even have my PolichicksVavavooom handbag fromthe delectable Ms. Fits. Yep, they shipped it internationally and everything. love. it.


someone give me an 8 ball..

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I totally wish I had taken this picture. Jeez, I wish I had even been there. There are lots of things i say that about, sure, but how damn cool... Posted by Hello

chas n cammy

So, the pope has poped his clogs and now Chas n Cammy have to get married on Saturday instead. Poor loves. It's not looking great for them, hey? First they can't get married where they want to, because they don't want anyone else to copy their idea and try to get married in Windsor Castle too. then Chas's mum throws out some transparent and shit excuse for why she won't be there (can't possibly, I'm Defender of the Faith daaahling) and now the Pope goes and really cocks things up. God. (!) You can just imagine the quarrels. It's not like the Popesquad thought about how their having the funeral on Friday would like, totally fuck up the guestlist. I mean, it's not just Chas who has a duty to pay his respects, Tony and Cherie have to be there along with loads of other rilly important people. It's so unfair. And then there's all the hardworking people trying to cash in on the whole thing by selling teatowels and mugs and now they're all out of date! Could bankrupt a small business. Or alternatively, the prices of 8th April memorabilia could skyrocket.. Either way, the funeral has really inconvenienced the whole affair quite a lot.

Don't think you would've seen Henry VIII acting with such deference to old Popey, non?

Sunday, April 03, 2005


The best reason ever to get up at 8am on a Sunday morning: Glastonbury tickets went on sale at 9am this morning.. AND I GOT SOME!!!!!!!! hooray! so, me, my girlfriend and our mums (eeeK!) will be hitting the mudfest in June. and yes, it was a cocking nightmare to get tickets. keep watching this space to find out if the fuckers reject my applicatyon after all. but still, 4 tickets, a tent and a camera and well, it's looking fantabulous. most excited about:

Mr Butler and his mates
these plasticboy loving chicks

these trashbags, just giving me enough time to learn all the songs on their new album.

yeah baby. god knows who else will be there. i think i may be doing the locomotion like kylie minogue..
anyways, official lineup isnt out yet but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is all i can say.

so, anyone coming too?