Sunday, October 24, 2004


hey, you know how there are certain things you do that are fun and all, but you would be mortified if someone you have been desperately trying to impress saw you doing it?
like maybe sitting on a milkcrate in a scuzzy alleyway drinking passion pop out of a brown paper bag because your mate has a crush on the waiter using the back entrance of Wagamama's?
I am that classy.
and what are the chances of the girl you are crazy about just happening to wander down said alleyway close to midnight on a Friday night?
then, like any 15yearold trash ho, you teeter over in stilettoes, grin stupidly and offer her a drink.
the look was understandably contemptuous. in fact, if you could encapsulate 'god, you're a total dag, what was i ever thinking, jeez, you really dont stand a chance now, hey' in one look, she had it down.
shoot. me. now.

knowing the future

Ok, so Pisceans rock and that line on my right hand probably doesnt mean i am definitely going to live until I am 143, but hey, divination can be fun, right?
So anyway, on Saturday, it was all sunny at Glebe and I was in postpurchase reverie (coolest necklace ever) and I got jumped by a chick advertising tarot.
What the hell? thunk I. It's not like it really actually means anything. I was curious..
I shuffled the cards and all these random pictures came out which apparently mean these things:
1. I am going to develop an important relationship in the near future.
2. It will probably be a business relationship
3. It may mean I have to take a long journey.
4. But i will be happy about this, actually.

I paid 18 bucks for some chick to flip a few cards and tell me all this stuff and frankly, it leaves me in exactly the same position as I already was. and then i got all D&M and started to wonder about destiny and fate and whether I should actively defy the stars. is that hubris?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

a note to Ms Fits

yes, thankyou please, i would like my very own helicopter in return for the safe return of your telephone number. incidentally, there will, i am sure, be evil overlord requests aplenty, but it's a work in progress. any suggestions anyone else?

* I know this is spelt correctly. Some TV writer told me so. And she ought to know how an evil laugh would be spelt.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

let the bidding begin

i have a pricelss telephone number too. anyone wanna chat to Ms Fits?!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I am going to seeMissy Higgins on Monday in the Metro theatre. Alone. Purely because of these lyrics:
And so that I do remember to never go that far,
Could you leave me with a scar?

hitting that edge.
And anyway i have decided that instead of writing myself off as tragic/desperate/friendless/sad or any of the other fantabulous adjectives people are insinuating at me, it actually just proves how cool and collected I am that I am confidant that I can go and have a good time at a gig on my own. no really. i might not hit the bar into oblivion or bankrupcy.
oh and incidentally, it's because everyone I know is fucking off to Melbourne for the week. sigh.
but if anyone else feels like coming along, yell!

Monday, October 18, 2004


I'm feeling a little fucked and vulnerable. I think this may be because:
1.Jet won 6 awards. What was that about?
2. My future is so uncertain even my astrologer can't figure it out
3. I may get kicked out of current accomodation at any given moment.
4. My heart has been broken so many times lately you could make confetti out of it
5. Marty AND Ricky Lee have gone.
6. i have had no internet access for 3 days and jeesus, i am dependent. withdrawal shakes. now that my link with life has been reinstated i feel positively frottish.
on the plus side, i met some chick who knows the chick who scrawled that graffiti in Newtown, and I have free passes for Arq with which to lure myself some friends.. planning carnage with Passion Pop. I aspire to trash.

oh yeah - 7. I may be leaving Oz in less than a month. This terrifies me beyond all comprehension unless I persuade myself that it's just a repacking stop over Xmas and then I will leave Wales once more and come back here. hehe - parental checkup phonecall today. once they found out i am still alive, there was little more to be said.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

viva le weekend.

i had some crazy dreams last night. like my school organised a reunion for all the lesbians. girls school - it's like a wet dream. only it wasn't, it was a factory for bitchy fuckups with anorexia and french manicures.
so anyway, that was blatantly a response to having thrown myself into my work so much so that i no longer see outside except when i force myself to get out of bed in the morning to go running. this has become harder seeing as the owner of the sole stereo moved out. and then, after all the stress of an 11 hour day when our server crashed and a gazillion conferences all kick off today, i realised i hadnt posted for about a week. it's been fun. I found that the best cafe in the whole of Sydney is about 23 steps from work, and 35 steps from my house. I saw Respiro in the Art Gallery. and today I have done some pushups and I get to feel good about myself by going to make ribbons for World Aids Day. I also decided that Missy Higgins is so damn cute i might get over the soulwreckage that was girl of dreams. oh - hey - that's what happened! she told me, quote, the i am ' the kind of girl anyone would fall hopelessly desperately in love with, including [her] but i just push and push and i am driving her crazy and pushing her away.'
yes. fucked it up for caring too much. sigh.
roll on the new crushes. rebound wanted.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


I just got evicted. i kid you not.

Red Betty Blues

The Liberals won. Wales lost. I don't know why I got out of bed this morning. I have a hangover, am heartsickened and it wasn't worth it.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

mori gallery opening

Ok, so i'm retracting that bit about arty types being indiscriminately hot. last night, opening of a new exhibit at Mori on Darling Harbour. Everyone seemed to be trying waaaaaay too hard, except for the unbearably cute kid dressed in a robin outfit with spidey wellies.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What to wear to your Election Partaaaay

Where can I get a tshirt saying 'John Hunt's a Coward'?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Put your Family First

Anyone for a BBQ?

Monday, October 04, 2004

anger management

I had a Forrest Gump moment. Went running and didn't stop until I reached the sea, an hour and a half later. All well and good, except then I realised I had to get back somehow. Fuck I ache. Fuck it felt good.

best pickup places of the long weekend.. so far

well, hey , it's sunny and we're not working. Hurray! So, and just to continue the apparent theme of this blog as all about girls, a list of the best places I have found this weekend that are frequented by the supercute. Boys too, natch.

1. Easily the best. Lacking in guys though. Gurlesque last night. SO much fun, way too much money was frittered, good times had by all. Plenty of corsetry an fishnet action. Red Betty likes..

2. Primavera. Melbournians may get this, but GOD the people who hang out in art galleries are hot. Museum of contemporary art was just the beginning. We've got, Rex and Max Dupain at Sydney Museum, the Art Gallery NSW (nd all the free movies) plus a couple of billion other exhibitions in various places. A veritable aesthetic feast. Maan, am such a lech.

3. The End the Lies Rally at Town Hall yesterday. Well, not all so glam and really really incredibly good looking, but hey, these people were all so friendly, the atmosphere was awesome, and even if I can't vote I at least know that political idealogy isnt going to conflict.

4. The park. Any park. It's sunny and everyone is out, lots of them are on their own and they are all reading, giving you the perfect line-in.

If i wasnt so fucking pussywhipped right now, it could be even more fun than just looking. As it is, I am rapidly losing credibility and self respect by chasing someone who blatantly doesnt give a toss. Rolling stone. I could change this post into a pissed off rant about how I'm bitter and it's too hot to go running to burn it all off, but hey, wouldnt wanna get y'all down on this fine fine day.

Friday, October 01, 2004


ok, now i'm all regretting that self control. it's friday night and have been stood up once again at relatively short notice by GoD. it's not even like i'm surprised. but expectation of rejection just makes it all the more depressing. so.
Gurlesque on Sunday! hurray! admittedly she'll be there, but hell, even if she comes over all uninterested and whimsical, I am assured there will be plenty of cute chicks hanging out.. to b honest, the website makes it look not a little terrifying. humdeedum... sure, twill be fun, right?